Cafe & Pantry

Wine, Seafood and Other Fresh Provisions

To make your stay at Hamptons on the Bay more relaxed we have available for purchase some of the region’s delicacies.

Grab something from the pantry, a cold drink and take in the view from one of the scenic sitting areas on the property


If you appreciate a well made cup of coffee, please give us a try. Whilst we understand that our front of house is a little quirky, don’t let that mislead you into under-rating our coffee.

We source a variety of coffees from some of Hobart’s finest specialty roasters to bring you the best coffee Tasmania has to offer. To keep things interesting, we intend mixing things up to offer a variety of single origin and blends from time to time.

Coffee, espresso, in particular, is part art and part science. Without going overboard, understanding the espresso machine, the grinder, the origin and type of bean, the age and darkness of the roast and several other factors affect the final product.

We take great care in making our coffee, to the point of grinding to order and weighing the coffee for each pour and tamping to the right pressure to ensure optimum and consistent extraction.  We also steam our milk in individual cup size batches to ensure your coffee arrives at its peak temperature (there is a fine line between beautiful and burnt) and with smooth creamy micro-foam, not stiff, re-steamed or over-cooked.

Yes, we may be a little ritualistic over how we make our coffee. But hopefully, it will be all worth while and the short wait, if, at the end of the day, you enjoy a coffee that expresses (pun intended) the characteristics that the master coffee roaster intended.

Live Oysters and Packaged Meals

Availability may be limited to season and demand. Please check with us prior to your arrival.

We source live Pacific Oysters from the regions premier farms. Grown to plump maturity in the pristine tidal waters on the East Coast of Tasmania. We are fortunate to be able to source these oysters directly from the farm. In the high season, shucked fresh on request.

If you subscribe to the concept of paddock to plate and are interested in knowing how and where your fresh produce comes from, this is a fantastic example of simple food grown in optimum conditions.

We understand that guests may not want to cook whilst on holiday or risk driving home from town after a drink or two, please speak to us about our frozen packaged meals that you can take to your cabin.

Wine List and Other Drinks

Being on the East Coast of Tasmania, we are spoilt for choice by the variety of premium quality wines made from grapes grown in one of, if not, the cleanest environments on the planet. We have put together a list of wines from Gala Estate, Kelvedon Estate, Milton Winery, Spring Vale Winery that we think represents some of the region’s best. A limited selection of premium local and craft beers (which will change regularly to keep things interesting) are also available. We hold these wines in limited quantities and products are only available for sale to our in-house guests for consumption in our accommodation. All purchasers of alcohol must be 18 years or older.

Breakfast Packs and Fresh Provisions

We understand you’re on holiday and may not need a whole week’s supply of groceries, so please come and choose a simple breakfast pack of:

  • eggs, bacon and sausage
  • cereal, fruit and yoghurt
  • toast, preserve and yoghurt

all in sizes convenient for two. Let us know ahead of time and we’ll have these placed in your cabin refrigerator ready for your arrival.

Cheese Platters

We can provide you with a selection of tasty cheeses from Australia (including Tasmanian favorites) and other famous regions from around the world (changing regularly) with, some dried fruits, nuts and crackers. Paired with a dessert style wine from Gala, Miltons or Spring Vale it is a treat to enjoy.