Art Retreats

Hamptons on the Bay is pleased to support the arts community by hosting various workshops and retreats. We welcome amateur and professional painters, photographers and writers (and artisans from all fields) to visit our private beautiful scenic location on the East Coast of Tasmania where they are able to express and explore their creativity.  Whether you are an educator wishing to teach others or a beginner seeking to learn from those with knowledge, experience and expert skills, Hamptons on the Bay provides an idyllic place for teachers and students alike.  Upcoming events are shown on the main Events page or click on the links below.

Visiting Artists

Cam Attree – AIPP, Master Photographer (Past)

Photographs from New Zealand Workshop

Laurie King – Seascape Artist, Art Appreciator, Educator (Workshops)

Recent Works

All images used under licence. Copyright in the images is owned by the artist. Please respect their rights and obtain their prior consent if you wish to use or republish any of their works.